Mayco Auctions specializes in all types of equipment & machinery used on farms, construction sites and forestry. 

Mayco Auctions is licensed to sell vehicles at auction to the public.

Call Brad Mays at (731)845-6015 for an appointment to talk about having YOUR AUCTION!


CONVENIENT EXPERIENCE: At Mayco Auctions,we wanted to create an auction experience that was convenient, comfortable and enjoyable. We knew that convenience and time is valuable to our clients – therefore our auction site must be easy to access, which is just outside Jackson TN on I-40 at exit 93. Our location not only provides for a convenient location, but a convenient location for the transportation of larger equipment.

COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE: Next we wanted our buyers to have comfortable stay with us during the auction. With this in mind we built an all weather drive thru-facility to allow our clients to experience an auction where you can sit back, relax and enjoy your lunch while the equipment drives to you instead of you following an overly crowded truck to each piece of equipment in potentially hot, cold, wet and muddy conditions.

ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE: Probably most important of our 3 goal vision is we want our clients and visitors to have an enjoyable auction experience. Our auctions are exciting, efficient, and fast paced. Further more, our team of talented Auctioneers and experienced staff are always eager to help and assist you with smile. It is our goal to provide you and your business with quality and professional care that you can trust.